Falcon Technologies

Using Technology to Solve Real Business Problems
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Since 1987 Falcon Technologies has been applying technology solutions to business problems. Small, medium and large companies have benefitted from our expertise. Our team provides complete systems and business tools from requirements to commissioning.

Our team has worked together for between 2 and 10 years and many of our team members have more than 20 years experience in business and technology.

Our clients have included members of the Real Estate industry, Insurance companies, Boeing, GTE Enterprise Solutions, WorldCom, Hewlett Packard and BEA Systems Inc.

An extensive knowledge of state of the art engineering of quality software systems means that we can provide your company with:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Project management
  • Implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing product enhancement and maintenance
  • Object-oriented analysis and implementation methods
  • Technical writing / documentation
  • Training / Education / Coaching of existing personnel