Falcon Technologies

Using Technology to Solve Real Business Problems
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Established in 1987, Falcon Technologies has worked with small, medium and large companies to provide effective solutions to business problems. Our team is up-to-date on the latest technology and know how to apply it to solve your problems.

The team at Falcon Technologies has extensive experience in Business and Technology.

We are well versed in modern development methodologies and applying appropriate techniques based on the task and the environment.

One of our greatest strengths is that we listen to you. Too often, technology is implemented without carefully evaluating the problem. This costs companies time and money.

Before implementing IT solutions we

  • define the problem
  • clarify what needs to be done
  • give you a realistic picture of the project
  • outline steps to stay on time and within yor budget
  • show you what the system will look like when completed

Solutions are based on:

  • Proven engineering principles
  • Effective design
  • Clear requirements

Falcon Technologies’ team can assist you at any stage of your solution:

  • System design / planning
  • Implementation
  • Coaching / Mentoring

The solution to your business needs are just an e-mail away.